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Fun or Fight? Quiz 2 Redeaux

In the photo for Quiz 2, most people thought it looked like the dogs were having a less-than-friendly encounter, more like fight than fun. The nature of the interaction becomes very clear when you can see the rest of the encounter.  Below are about 50 photos shot over about 4 minutes, in sequence with the […]

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Fun or Fight? Quiz 3

  These dogs are having a conversation.  What do you think they’re saying?  What do you think happens after this –  a game or a fight? Please leave your thoughts below.

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Fun or Fight? Quiz 1 Redeaux

There were some great comments to the photo in Quiz 1 (you can read them here). Most people thought the dogs were playing based on body position and balance, tail carriage, the lack of tension in the face of the brown dog (no wrinkling on the muzzle), and the non-aggressive face of the dane and […]

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Fun or Fight? Quiz 2

What about this one?  Fun or Fight?  Leave your thoughts below… —————— See the rest of the photos at Fun or Fight?  Quiz 2 Redeaux! Incoming search terms:small huskyhusky fight

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Fun or Fight? Quiz 1

Welcome to the first “FUN OR FIGHT?” Quiz!  (If you missed the Introduction to these quizzes, you can read it here.) These quizzes are going to test your understanding of dog behavior and communication.  Below is a photo taken at a dog park.  Decide whether the dogs are playing or fighting (or thinking about playing […]

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How well do your understand dog behavior?   Understanding what your dog is thinking, feeling, and trying to communicate can be harder than you think. If you don’t know what to look for in your dog’s behavior and body language, you might not be able to tell the difference between fun and a fight, or whether […]

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